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Skin Care / Anti Aging Facial Treatments /Facials

Introdusing ORGANIC FACIAL : $65
Wonderful  Healthy skin remedy on natural way...
Receive INSTANT GLOW with Natural REMEDY
using  Plants / Flowers / Vegtables  / herbs / Fruirts 
According to your skin type /  Skin Needs & Skin Problems)

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  • Step into a world of luxury .......feel the experience of spa....In Homly yet Proffessional Enviornment with
    one of our therapeutic and soothing facials and skin treatments........
  • Let pamper yourself beautifully by Pressure Points & Scientific Treatments Providing the True Meaning of  Wonderful Relaxation…………….
Our Facials is a wonderful treatment that refreshes the skin and relaxes the muscles of your upper body. Treatment begins with a cleansing of your face, neck and shoulders, a skin analysis, exfoliate your skin, It continues with Warm Ozone Steam.and pampered with Relaxing & Soothing Customized Massage to Face, Neck & Shoulders. It closes with a treatment Mask and a final Hydration.

Facials/Anti-Aging Skincare/SkinTreat.

  FACIALS & Skin care Treatment 



  • Remove Dead cells & dirt from skin and helps to bring new  skin
  • Minimize the appearance   of 

·       Fine Lines

·       Age Spots

·       Uneven Skin

·       Enlarge Pores


30 minutes            $65

60 minutes          $110


Series of 6 – ( 10%  OFF)

(For best results, series of 4 to 6 treatments recommended. )



Aroma Therapy Facial $65    

(Aveda Concept )

European Facial          $60                        

Skin Refiner Facial      $55                  

Radiant facial              $55           

Revitalize Facial          $50

Essential Facial           $50 

Sanjivani Facial           $50

Vissentia Facial           $55

Skin Whitening Facial  $55

Gold Facial                  $55

Pearl Facial                 $50

Oxygen Facial             $55

Shahnaz Herbal Facial           $50

Dehydrate Facial        $50

Royal Fruit Facial       $50

Vitamin-E Facial (30 min.)         $35

Herbal Facial (30 min.)  $35

Face Refresher          $25

Face Bleach               $15+

Mud Therapy (15 Min.)    $15



( with any facial):








ANTI-AGING  SKIN Care Treatments 

 ThermoHerb Anti-aging Facial Treat. 90 Min.)    $75 

Tighten the loose, wrinkled skin.Stimulates blood circulation and improves cellular functions,with use of ULTRA SONIC Treatmentwith remarkable results.

As the Thermo mask hardens, it tightens the pores. Sculpting facial contours, minimizing Wrinkles, improving muscle tone and skin elasticity.) 

ParaffinHeat Facial Therapy  : $65

( Deep warm treatment for dry skin. Helps to reactive oily glands of dry skin. Moisturizes for softer, younger looking skin.) 


Acne Treatment  (90 Min.): 75

( A powerful antibacterial treatment to control pimples, acne and problem skin.

(included high-frequancy treatment to kill bacteria from the ACNE)

(Recommend 6 sittings in 3 months)

For 6 treatment :  $425 (Reguler  $450 ) 


Galvanic Facial Treat. (90 Min.)  : $75.00 

(for oily & combination types of skin,
Creates alkaline solution, removes negative    toxins, kills bacteria and feeds healthy food for skin., improves skin tone blood circulation)

Pigmentation & Blemish Facial Treatment : $75

  • included  galvanic Treatment
  • A treatment to minimize Blemishes and  pigmentation
  •  Minimum 4-6 sitting required to get result
  • 10% off with 6 series  

Dark Circle Treatment : $40.00 

( 30-40 Minute treatment) 

  • Using advance scientific product specialized to reduce dark circles
  • using High frequency machine  for  improvement in blood circulation and cell renewal
  • Using ultrasonic machine to helps in penetrating skin care products deep below the surface into your skin to promote cellular renewal, increase blood circulation, to fade dark circles and to relieve puffy eyes.
  •  It is more efficient as it penetrates as well as works deep within your skin.
  • (Result can be vary depends on skin type)
  • (Regular home care is strictly required. Minimum 4 to 6 weekly  treatments required.)

 For 6 treatment : $220 ( Reguler $240)

For 4 treatment : $150 ( Reguler $160)