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Offered by Ms. Shruti Parikh, Board Certified, licensed Master Esthetician.


We use Top brand of Shahnaz Husain , VLCC, Aveda (100% herbal) 

Lotus , Cheryl’s Cosmeceutical etc.. Highly top brand quality product for facial.


We believe in treating the mind, body and spirit through relaxing treatments.
Our Relaxing Facials begins with A cleansing of your face, neck and shoulders,
and skin analysis, exfoliate your skin –It continues with Warm Ozone Steam
Extraction and Skin Polishing - and pampered with Relaxing
& Soothing Customized Massage to Face, Neck & Shoulders.
It closes with a treatment Mask and a final Hydration.




Shahnaz Husain Facials :

Shahnaz Oxygen Facial : $55

This Oxygen Facial provides instant revitalization to Dry & dull skin . It creates an enriched oxygen layer and helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin.

The antibacterial action of Oxygen cream also inhibits bacteria and prevents skin problems. The facial infuses the skin with essential minerals and natural vitamins, providing ideal nourishment and bringing visible.

Shahenaz Gold Facial : $55

 This Gold Facial gives a nice glow to the face after the facial. This Gold based on Ayurveda, is a powerful anti-ageing treatment, with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects.

Gold is one of the softest metals, It helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes. It also stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity.


Shehnaz Shalife Herbal: $50


This luxurious  Facial product makes the skin look younger, the Sha Life gives you radiant, spotless looking skin . It slows down the look of ageing

and improves the skin texture. It also helps to moisturize and refresh dull, dry skin.

Pearl Facial  : $50

( For Sensitive & All Types of Skin)
Helps to moisturize the skin, so that the complexion looks radiant. Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin surface, improve skin texture, making the skin appear soft, firm,

youthful and radiant, with an even color tone, Also Protects the skin against the drying effects of the sun.

Organic Facial: $60

 A Wonderful 100% Organic Skin remedy on natural way, using Fresh Fruit/Vegetable/ Herbs & Plants like Alovera / Avocado/ Cucumber/ Orange etc..

according to your skin Needs & Receive Instant healthy Glow


Aveda European Facial : $60



VLCC : Dimond Polishing Facial: $55

This Facial purifies, brightens and polishes skin. It helps build skin immunity to fight against pollution, while leaving it youthful and Glowing.


VLCC : Anti-tan Facial : $60


Tired of dealing with tan ? Well, we got to help you fight tan and get back your lustrous and radiant skin - This facial helps to reduce tan and

repairs skin that is damaged due to harmful UVA/UVB rays.


Skin Polishing Facial : $60


Give radial shining which lasts longer. A Powerful formula enriched with rosemary, camphor, vitamin E, sandalwood oil, Turmeric, khus and other natural extracts.  
Almond oil and various essential oil penetrates deep into tissues and stimulates the sluggish skin tone & Hydrate Skin cells.


Oxy Life– Oxygen Facial : $55

Oxy Life Professional Facial gives High boost of Pure oxygen to help revive Dull Complexion/ Lack of Glow /Clogged pores / UnEven & Patchy Skin , which cause of  lack of Oxygen in the skin.


Skin Whitening Facial : $55

This facial will give your skin Fairness & Extra Glow & Brightening.



Platinum Ultra Facial : $50

This facial will give your skin radiant Glow Complexion adding Skin Brightening, Moisturization & Nourishment.


 Vitamin-E Facial : $35


 (30 min. Facial ) This 30 Minute Quick Facial designed to give you most of the benefits of a full facial in less time,

typical treatment consists of cleansing, Steam , exfoliation, Little Massage ,Mask and moisturizer.


Herbal Facial (30 min.) : $35

Designed to give you most of the benefits of a full facial in 30 Minute. typical treatment consists of cleansing,

Steam , exfoliation, Little Massage ,Mask and moisturizer.


   Face Refresher : $25

Quick Refresh the skin with Cleansing , Steam, Exfoliation & Mask ( No Massage) to give Quick Refresh in less time.



Bleaching changes the color of your hair to golden; it blends well with your skin and makes it appear fair skin

Recommanded Follwed by Facial - Before Facial - It will reduce scar, blemishes the skin.  

Herbal BLEACH:

Face : $20.00

Face & Neck : $25.00

Face & Neck & Shoulder : $35.00

Full Hands : $30.00

Full Legs: $40+

Half Legs: $30+

Back : 35+


   ( For Bride – or for more Glow and shine, For Dull Skin , Recommended Before Facial)

  Face : $25.00

  Face & Neck : $30.00

  Face & Neck & Shoulder : $40.00


Thermo Herb Facial : $75 (90 Min.)

( SKIN Tightening / Anti-Aging ) 


This Anti-Aging Facial will Tighten the loose, wrinkled skin. Stimulates blood circulation and improves cellular functions, with use of ULTRA SONIC Treatment with remarkable results.

As the Thermo mask hardens, it tightens the pores. Sculpting facial contours, minimizing Wrinkles, improving muscle tone and skin elasticity. Also will give lots of Glow to skin.


Acne Control Treat.: $75


 ( 6 Session: $420 – Reg. $450) 

This Cosmeceutical treatment is for Acne Control for sensitive skin ,

which kills Bacteria, which are responsible for Acne , Also Lightens and Brightens the skin tone 


 VLCC : Pigmentation & Blemish  Facial Treatment : $75


 Pigmentation & Blemish  Facial Treat ( Include Galvenic treatment)  


 This Facial treat. will minimize blemishes , Pigmentation and uneven skin tones, improves skin clarity.

It helps fade freckles, lightens and evens the skin tone and improves skin clarity.


Minimum 4-6 sitting session - once a week required for result.

10% off for 4 or 6 sessions( $270 for 4 session)

  ( Not advisable for extremely oily/Acne prone skin.)


 Paraffin Heat Facial : $65 


Paraffin Heat Therapy Facial , Using Parrafingn Wax -

is Deep Warm treatment for Dry skin.

Helps to reactivate natural oily glands of Dry skin


ADD ON  Service ( With Any facial ) :


 Add on : Galvenic Treat. : $15+



Galvanic facials use a direct galvanic current to improve

ingredient absorption.Our clients can bring new life to

their skin with a galvanic facial Treatment.

It boosts  & doubled the effectiveness of any skin treatment.

You can Add on With Any facial. 


 Add on :Hi Frequancy Treat. : $15+


High frequency increases blood circulation , When applied directly high frequency has a germicidal action,

fighting acne-causing bacteria. Treatments are recommended for anyone who is treating a problem

such as acne or oily skin and should receive treatments once a week for 10 sessions

 Add on :   Ultra Sonic Treat. : $15+ 

An  Ultrasonic facial Treatment uses ultrasound technology to increase the production of collagen,

help firm up the skin, Ultrasonic facial treatments have a number of benefits.

It lightens under eye circles , dealing with wrinkles and saggy skin.

 It’s NOT RECOMMANDED to undergo ultrasonic
         facial treatment if you’re pregnant or have a pacemaker