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Massage is more than a luxury!
New Aromatherapy  Massages Launched
When we are under stress, our muscles are tense, breathing
is shallow, blood pressure increases,and our immune system
is weakened. By relaxing the body, massage helps to counteract
all of these reactions to stress.

Benifits of Massage Therapy:

1.Improve muscle tone.
2. Increase blood supply and nutrition to the muscles.
3. Relax muscle spasm and relieve tension.
4. Help lessen  inflammation of joints and alleviate pain.
5. stretch connective tissue and prevent formation of   adhesions. 
6. Help prevent buildup of harmful “fatigue“ products  
 resulting from strenuous exercise or injury.
7. Soften and reduce scars.
8. Enhance sports and fitness activities.
9. Reduce water retention.
10. Improve appearance of skin.
11. Relive depression.
12. Balance body structures and systems as well
as improving postures.    



Swedish massage (1hr.)  $60

(Swedish massage increases the oxygen flow in the 
blood stream and releases toxins from the muscles.
It helps increase circulation without increasing heart
load.A Swedish massage will also stimulate the skin
and nervous system.)

  • Aroma Therapy ( 1hr.)   :    $65

 ( Aromatherapy Massage, massage benefits can be enhanced  even further by using essential oils in
conjuction  with massage to treat a client's specific ailment. It reduces  stress, both emotional  and physical.)
 Swedish massage (1/2hr.)  $35
( Swedish uses long strokes and kneading of the muscles.Whole body Massaged in 30 Minutes)
  • Stress Relief (30 min.)         $35

(Head,Neck&Shoulder Massage   For stressed and overworkedclients a refreshing,and has been proven to improveconcentration,productivity, and boost morale.)
  •  Foot Reflexology (1/2hr.)   $35

  • A Reflexology technique applying pressure to points mainly on the Feet correspond to specific areas of the body.) 

  •   Back Massage (20 min.)     $25

  • Releases tension in the back,through long slow strokesand deep finger pressure on tensed areas. Improves blood circulation& freedom of movement.




  • Spa Body Therapy (150 min.)    $90

      ( cleansing, skin exfoliation, Aromatic
        Body Polish,Massage with essential 
                oils and Masque Therapy)

  •  Illuminating Salt Glow (30 min.)$40
           ( Mineral rich Sea Salt and Essential Oils
             provide the finest skin
             Skin is gently
rubbed with Aromatic
             Sea Salt to

  •  Back Therapy   (60 min.)             $65
           ( Cleansing, skin exfoliation ,Back Massage,
             and Masque Therapy..Perfect for having
            Skin challenges on your Back ,Skin Changes)

  •  Back Therapy   (30 min.)              $40
           (Cleansing, skin exfoliation ,Back Massage)

Body Polish    (50 min.)                $60        
           ( This gentle exfoliation treat. Helps
              remove  dead skin cells and stimulate
             your circulation.A Body moisturizer rich
              an essential  oils is applied to nourish
              the skin.   Best before Massage)